Ubud and surrounds

atlas mothWe travelled up to Ubud as our first trip in Bali. Along the way, passing rice paddies that seemd to occupay every bit of space space. Due to the climate and plenty of water. four platings of rice can be made a year in Bali.

Most of the time we spent at the Butterly House at Kemenuh, a small place but filled with lots of glorious butterflies. It looks as if all the cocoons (pupa) that grow outside in the gardens, are collected and stored in the Pupa House until hatching. One of the prominent inhabitants of the house is the Atlas Moth. They breed the moths in the house but they are never released into the gardens outside. Each moth can easily span a human hand in size, and are kept as a tourist attraction, sitting on your hand or arm to be photographed. This is in concert with the staff of course.

Monday, 15 October 2018