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These are the sites I designed and currently maintain.

  • I can create web designs based on HTML5, Joomla and WordPress.
  • I design and create e-books from original material. The formats are: ePub, mobi (for Kindle) and PDF.

Lesbian Caucus

I manage the domain I set up this newer version of the original site.

Patricia Mitchell
Web Weaver

  • IT Services for women
  • E-book publishing
  • Consultant/Training services

Phone: +61 409 901 043



Cicada Australia Inc.

This site has been created using Joomla. This is the home site, based in Sydney. Cicada Australia Inc. provides information and support for cochlear implantees, their families and friends.


Dyke Books Inc.

This site has been created using Joomla. Itr is the home site for Dyke Books Inc. an Australian feminist imprint, with a selection of printed and e-books for purchase.

dyke books  


This is the site for the Jewish lesbian Group of Victoria. This is a standard web site as distinct from beint built with CMS.